Welcome to the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association Blog

Hello, Fellow Ribble Anglers! It’s with great excitement that we welcome you to the very first blog post on our brand new website for the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association (RFCA). As we launch this digital platform, our main aim is to forge a stronger, more engaged community around the Ribble angling experience. This blog will serve as a central hub for sharing insights, updates, and key developments affecting our beloved fisheries.

At RFCA, we’re more than just a name; we’re a dedicated team tirelessly working to represent and advocate on behalf of the Ribble angling community. Our agenda is packed, not just with the website launch, but with continuous efforts to connect with our member clubs. Understanding your expectations and how you envision the future of Ribble Fisheries is paramount. We’re committed to acting as your voice, ensuring your needs and concerns are addressed at every level.

Stakeholder Engagements and Initiatives

Our engagement with various stakeholders is ongoing. From Ribble Life to the Environment Agency and United Utilities, we’re involved in discussions that matter to you. One of the critical topics on our radar is the Haweswater Aqueduct Resilience Programme (HARP). In the upcoming weeks, we plan to release a comprehensive bulletin detailing how HARP could influence angling activities and the riverine ecosystem as a whole.

Moreover, the launch of Local Species Nature Recovery Strategies (LSNR) is another focal point for our efforts. Given that the Ribble stretches across different administrative boundaries, we are actively collaborating with both Lancashire County Council and the Yorkshire Dales to support LSNR aims.
The goal is clear: to reverse the decline and boost the populations of endangered species. The plight of the Salmon, an iconic figure of our river and a critical indicator of ecological health, is at the heart of our conservation endeavors.

Seasonal Updates and Forward Look

As we bid farewell to the 2023-24 coarse fishing season, we reflect on what has been described as a memorable year for coarse anglers. But as one season closes, another opens, with the Trout season eagerly anticipated by many. Despite the Salmon season being underway, the anticipation for the first Springer catch off the Ribble is palpable. Catching a Springer is more than just an achievement; it symbolises hope amidst concerns over declining Salmon populations.

A Call to Action

Your support is crucial. We urge every angler passionate about the Ribble to consider joining RFCA, either as a Full or Supportive member. Your contributions enable us to undertake vital projects, such as combating the spread of invasive species like the giant hogweed and implementing Water Quality Monitoring initiatives. Our dissatisfaction with water companies is well-known, and together with partners like the Ribble Rivers Trust, we aim to establish a vigilant network of Water Monitors. Achieving these goals requires more than just commitment; it requires resources.
We’re not here to lament but to underscore the reality: our operations, fueled by volunteers who generously dedicate their time and often personal resources, are in constant need of support. Your membership not only helps us tackle immediate challenges but also ensures we’re prepared for any emergency funding needs that may arise
In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all RFCA affiliates. Your unwavering dedication and support fuel our mission. Together, we can make a significant impact on the Ribble fisheries, ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for all anglers.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for joining us on this journey!

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