George and Zak Ribble adventures

We spent the first part of the season chasing perch & chub on lures. With good summer water temperatures, both target species were willing to chase our Crank Baits. Short evening sessions saw us taking Chub from ounces through to 4lb plus. However, it was Perch that really stood out with fish over 2lb smashing mainly Salmo Butcher and Minnow patterns each trip. Using lightweight set ups, 3-10grm rods and 1000/2500 size reels loaded with 0.10 braid were a joy to use. The beauty of this sort of fishing is how well it lends itself to short after work sessions with so little preparation required, one that Zac seemed to appreciate!! A net, small back, rod a reel and your fishing.
When we had more time we had success on the float catching various species including a lot of small barbel which was good to see. Again, we tried to keep kit to a minimum as being mobile was the key. Fish a run for 45mins, if you didn’t do much, on to the next. Tackle used was one of the fabulous Korum float rods couple with medium sized fixed spool reel, 6lb mainline and a 4lb hooklength. Keeping with convenience, we fed Dynamite tinned hemp along with Sonu cheese and garlic pellets, banding a hard pellet on the hook. These baits seemed to bypass the Minnows too. When we tried maggot we got annihilated with them.
Moving into autumn with day light hours becoming shorter we fished for the barbel in the evenings, again after work picking up a few fish. This sort of fishing saw us sharing two rods and usually sitting it out in a known swim. October and November were good to us taking numerous fish to 11.04. Tackle used was a pair of Korum 12’ 2lb TC coupled with Freespool reels holding 12main line. Hooklegths were made up of 20lb Camotex Soft tied knotless knot style on size 10 Korum Gripper hooks. Baits were 10mm Sonus Hookers soaked in Fanny Batter.
Once deep into winter, fishing conditions became a struggle due to the weather, so trying to hit the milder spell which produced more barbel became a lottery. A number of sessions saw us washed out due to debris from the high water. This high coloured water put pay to our planned Predator fishing. However, we fished every warm flood and finished off the season catching a number of Barbels, again to 11lb.
Should anyone need further advice and more info on both our approach, bait and tackle used, I can be found at LTB, the RFCA Coarse Fishing retail partner.

Tight Lines, George and Zak.