Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association’s very first video blog

Welcome to the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association’s very first video blog, a lunchtime chat that promises insight, knowledge, and a bit of camaraderie over our shared passion for fisheries and angling. Today, we’re thrilled to have with us David Lees, stepping into the spotlight as the North West Regional Enforcement Support Manager within the Angling Trust’s Fisheries Enforcement Support Service.

David’s tenure has been instrumental in shaping the local Volunteer Bailiff Service (VBS) and enhancing the overall VBS management on the Ribble. As he approaches retirement, we wanted to seize the opportunity to delve into the origins and impacts of his work over the past eight years. This conversation is not just a journey through David’s career but a tribute to the dedication and efforts that have safeguarded our cherished waterways.
For those of you keen on understanding the intricacies of fisheries enforcement and the role of the VBS along the Ribble, I sure you will find the video informative.
As we embark on this new journey of connecting with you through video blogs, I ask for your patience and support. Today’s chat with David marks our 1st episode, and while I’m beyond excited to share this platform with you, I’m also navigating these waters for the first time. So, let’s dive in together, enjoy the conversation, and perhaps, learn something new along the way. Thank you for tuning in, and let’s make this a memorable start to many more engaging discussions to come.