A Haven for Coarse Anglers

Welcome to the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association’s tribute to the vibrant world of coarse fishing on the River Ribble. Renowned for its diverse species and exceptional fishing experiences, the River Ribble is a mecca for anglers pursuing Dace, Roach, Chub, Perch, Pike, and Barbel. The past five to six years has marked a significant upturn in our coarse fishing, some would add that the river is fishing better now than at its heady heights of the 80’s!! The coarse fishing is particularly strong on river’s lower reaches where both specimen fish from all species are caught throughout the season along with large bags of Silvers for the dedicated float angler.

Thriving Ecosystem and Diverse Species

The River Ribble is a dynamic and evolving ecosystem, showcasing a remarkable transformation with each season. Despite occasional low water levels and temperature variations, the river’s natural cycles contribute to its rich biodiversity. These changing conditions have created a perfect habitat for a variety of fish, making every fishing trip a unique adventure.

A Showcase of Juvenile Fish

The subsequent clarity and health of the river has revealed impressive number of juvenile Barbel this last two summers. Summer float anglers rewarded numerous fish in the 10oz to 1.5lb range, alongside quality Dace, Chublets and Roach. This abundance is a clear indicator of successful fish recruitment over recent summers. Moreover, the Ribble, and particularly the Calder, are teeming with fry, underscoring the rivers’ ecological richness.

Barbel Fishing: A Class Apart

The Ribble is synonymous with exceptional Barbel fishing. Anglers consistently report significant catches, with some Barbel reaching impressive weights, showcasing the river’s capacity to support healthy and sizable specimen fish.

The Perch Revolution

The River Ribble is also beginning to stand out as a premier destination for Perch fishing. Some extraordinary catches have been reported, including Perch over the 4lb mark. The success stories of anglers adept at lure for both Perch and Chub exemplify the river’s robust Minnow and bait fish populations.

Discover the Ribble’s Fishing Treasures

We invite you to explore the River Ribble, a jewel in the crown for coarse fishing. Whether you are seeking a tranquil fishing escape or an exhilarating angling challenge, the Ribble offers a rich and diverse experience. Join our community of passionate anglers and immerse yourself in the serene beauty and abundant waters of the River Ribble. Here, every cast brings the promise of an unforgettable catch and a deeper connection with nature’s wonders.

A Call to Action for Coarse Anglers

As we celebrate the rich angling experiences the River Ribble offers, we also recognize the crucial role of stewardship in preserving this aquatic treasure. The Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association (RFCA) is at the forefront of protecting and enhancing the river’s biodiversity, ensuring that your fishing experiences continue to thrive.
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We extend a heartfelt invitation to coarse anglers everywhere to join our cause. By becoming a member of the RFCA, you directly contribute to our efforts in safeguarding the river’s diverse ecosystem. Your support is vital in our ongoing projects to monitor, conserve, and promote the health and vitality of the River Ribble.

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