River Cameras

The web cams come courtesy of the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association and the Environment Agency.
The cameras update automatically every five minutes.
Waddow Webcam (Ribble)

Waddow Webcam (Ribble)

It is not possible to site a height marker, but local anglers have used the white marks on the rock for many years. When the river is on the apex of the rock the height is 2.0ft above base summer level. The river is 1ft 9 inches on the upper white line and 1ft 6 inches on the bottom white line. The white line on the retaining wall of the fish pass is set at approx 12 inches.

Winckley Webcam (Hodder)

The FOUR white height markers on the wall opposite the camera are set at 12 inches apart, the lower one being 12 inches above base summer level. On occasions, and under certain light conditions, these white marks will be seen reflected on the water which can be misleading. Count down from the top mark on the wall which is set at 4ft. this will give you the correct height.

Jumbles Webcam (Big Ribble)

Locks Weir Camera

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