About Us

Welcome to the Ribble Fisheries Conservation Association (RFCA). Established in 1951, our
mission has been to champion the conservation and safeguarding of fisheries within the
Ribble catchment area. Starting as a humble local advisory group, we
have grown into a
committed organisation dedicated to representing and supporting the interests of fishery
owners, fishing leaseholders, and anglers. We are steadfast in our commitment to promote
and ensure sustainable development for the benefit of our co
mmunity and the environment.

Our History

Our journey began in 1951, the same year the River Boards were established, responsible for flood defence, pollution control, and fisheries. Originally known as the Ribble Fisheries Association, our creation was i nspired by the Chief Inspector for Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries, who proposed the formation of fisheries Consultative to represent the interests of fisheries within specific areas – usually river catchments.
In 1986, we joined the newly formed Standing Conference of Consultative under the National Anglers’ Council (NAC). As the organization evolved, we adapted, becoming a member of the National Association of Fisheries and Angling Consultative (NAFAC) in 1993, an independent body that included Consultative from all over the country.
The 21st century saw the end of the overarching Consultative framework, leading to a loss in collaboration with the Environment Agency (E.A.). Despite this, RFCA continued to operate locally, creating strong partnerships with local E.A. and established links with key organizations such as the Angling Trust, the Salmon & Trout Conservation UK, and the Ribble Rivers Trust.
Our commitment has always been to influence decision-making processes to protect and develop fisheries and angling. We function in a consultative capacity, striving to:
"Safeguard and promote the interests of owners, lessees of fishing, and anglers, by developing sustainable fisheries and maximizing the riverine environment through consultation with the Environment Agency and other bodies with similar aims and objectives."
While RFCA does not own any fishing, we are a collective force drawn from individuals, numerous clubs, associations, and riparian owners within the Ribble Catchment.

Our Mission

In the modern landscape, our mission at the RFCA remains unyielding. We continuously strive to conserve, preserve, and enhance the health and biodiversity of the Ribble catchment. Leveraging our team passionate volunteer anglers who aspire to enact significant and enduring improvements on our local ecosystem.
Fundamental to our mission is our role as the voice and advocate for our members. We function in a collegial and collaborative capacity, acting on behalf of our members to address their concerns, and advance their interests. Our work encompasses liaising with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private bodies to drive forward initiatives that benefit our fisheries and their surrounding environment.
Our strength lies in these partnerships and our ability to facilitate productive dialogue, negotiate effectively, and work towards shared goals. We champion sustainable practices, promote informed decision-making, and ensure the unique needs and perspectives of our members are heard and respected.
In this collaborative spirit, we work to mitigate environmental threats, create betterment in the aquatic ecosystems, and advocate for policies that contribute to the overall health and prosperity of the Ribble catchment and beyond.
This commitment to our members and our dedication to the Ribble catchment drives every aspect of our work at the RFCA. We believe that together, we can achieve more and ensure a flourishing Ribble catchment for future generations.

Join Us

We invite you to explore our site, learn more about our work, and join us in preserving the rich biodiversity of the Ribble catchment. Your support, whether it’s becoming a member, volunteering, or donating, can make a real difference in protecting our precious ecosystem.
Together, we can ensure the Ribble remains a vibrant, thriving watershed for generations to come. Welcome to the Ribble Fisheries Conservation Association – preserving our heritage, conserving our future.

What Makes the Ribble Catchment Special

The Ribble Catchment is more than just a network of rivers and streams – it’s an intricate tapestry of life, ecological diversity, historical significance, and an immense source of local pride. Its 75-mile journey from the Yorkshire Dales to the Irish Sea, passing through charming towns and diverse landscapes, encapsulates a dynamic ecosystem that plays host to a vast array of wildlife, especially a rich variety of fish.
RFCA coarse
Check out the river cameras courtesy of the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association and the Environment Agency.